Vabbar med lillusen idag, så blev lite vad från bloggen med. Imorgon är det tillbaka till arbete och förskola som gäller.

Nu är det kaffe och “Extras” som gäller för mig, och popcorn och Doc McStuffins för Ava. Sen ska vi hjälpas åt att städa hennes rum och jag fixa det sista med hennes garderob.

Inte så mycket mer än det, segt att vara hemma.

My kind of relaxation 

My kind of relaxation 

Sitting in an amazing vintage gold colored sofa, waiting fore one of the best things there is. One of the things that really truly relaxes me: getting tattooed.

When you can’t travel, get a tattoo. Or, well not, it’s different kind of trips. Current mood, tired, but relaxed and excited.



So I got this really cool friend. She and her cool brother founded an even cooler blog- and affiliate network. They have loads of nice cool (yes, I’m overusing cool, but just so you get the coolness of it) young bloggers and influencers tied to them.

Of course I turned to her for blog advice. She suggested Vlogging, its like the new black these days. I thought some about it, and then I thought some more about it and concluded that, no, it’s not for me. Sorry Katri, how about that champagne lunch at Nosh and Chow?

I love the written word. The written word. Not taking gibberish on YouTube. That’s not for me. This blog is an outlet for me. Something creative and I can do what ever I want with it. Undoubtedly I would like a lot of people to read it, still got my dream about fame and fortune and maybe I should write that novel I’ve been thinking about.. Oh, never mind..

This is me. This is my media. The written word + the Internet. 

One of my favorite authors. Mr Bukowski. Some might say I got a very chauvinistic taste in books, films and tv-series.
Early February Morning

Early February Morning

Waiting for the train.
Melancholy had hit hard and heavy this morning, together with the cold.  Put on warm clothes to protect me.

Daughter had a real temper tantrum this morning and it pains me leaving.
I’m longing for summer and sun. Need to warm up these cold bones.

But it will be a day today too, and it might even be a good one.
Just stay with the memories of sunnier days.

Turmeric and ginger

Turmeric and ginger

In Sweden we call the month of February  “Vabbruary”. It refers to the term “vabba”. We now also have the term “vobba”.
The first refers to VAB which stands for taking care of a ill child and “Vobba” is a modern thing which combines “vabba” with work, ergo “vobba”.
And so February is the month of “vabb” here in Sweden. Loads of flu and such a like going around.

You still with me?

So what is this leading up to then? Well, I do healt shots that I take twice a day.
I mix fresh ecological ginger (no need to peel) with fresh ecological turmeric (also no need to peel), add some water and let it soak for as long as possible. This time over night.
I add some eco honey and lime. And voilà, a amazing healt shot!

Ja, men jag lyssnar väl på en podd då!

Ja, men jag lyssnar väl på en podd då!

Det har varit ett jäkla tjatande från alla håll och kanter, så ja, nu har jag börjat lyssna på en podd. Jag försökte mig på ¨My Dad Wrote A Porno¨, men den gillade jag inte alls. Fast det så klart, när jag är hos Lenny (kolla in hans Instagram, grymma tatueringar och tavlor) på Stockholm Classic så lyssnas det på P3’s kriminalpoddar och de gillar jag skarpt, men blir bara att jag lyssnar på dem där.

Men nu, nu har jag börjat lyssna på Freakshow Podcast. Främst för att den genialiska Messiah Hallberg är med. Såg ¨Finaste Familjen¨ häromdagen och den var så rolig, med den där lite sjuka knäppa humorn jag älskar. Tycker den är klart sevärd även fast jag har riktigt svårt för David Hellenius. Hur tog mig då detta till podden?
Jag kikade in på Messiahs Instagram och voilá, så hittade podden. Så, nu vet ni också och kan lyssna på den.